Board of Directors/Staff

Museum Docents

Susan Blalock
Brenda Shiflett
Vincent Ciolino
Kathleen Erny
Griff & Lynn Weaver


Debra Haydel
Darleen Johnson
Andrea Oliver
Gail Ledet
Greg Lemons


LeAnn Magee
Deborah Nolan
Esther Jordan
Peggy Scimemi
Peter & Lynette Soule

Nancy Glendening
Linda Wilson
Kathleen Sutton
Jim Long
Carolyn Boudreaux

The public is welcome to attend any Board meeting.  They usually occur on the last Tuesday of each month at 5PM at the Museum.  And we are always looking for volunteers to serve on the following committees:  Programming, Development, Push Mow, and Whole Town Garage Sale.  Please call our President, Martha Gruning, for more info at (985) 773-4463.  Come join us!