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Art Camp, 2016

Art Camp, 2016


Summer Art Camp for Kids 8-12
June 26-30 

Kids will get a brief lesson on different topics pertaining to Abita Springs each day and then create a piece of art that ties into the lesson.

They will have 5 pieces of art at the end of the week: a watercolor, an oil pastel, a piece of pottery, an acrylic painting and a piece of folk art.

Lessons include a walking field trip to the pavilion, park, and UCM Museum.


Fireworks at the Trailhead, 2014

Fireworks at the Trailhead, 2014


We will be open until 8pm on Sunday, July 2 before the Town fireworks display

July 8: (TBA) at Cajun Dance

August 5: Coobie Joe at Cajun Dance

September 9: Jonno & Bayou Deville at Cajun Dance

October7: Choupique at Cajun Dance

November 11: Bruce Daigrepont at Cajun Dance

December 2: Nouveaux Cajun Xpress at Cajun Dance

February 3, 2018: Push Mow Parade



Honor a loved one with the timeless gift of a tree planted in their honor,
right here in Abita Springs.

 Please call us for details.